Thursday, May 1, 2008

YouTube, etc.

Well, I seemed to have tried to get into watching a little YouTube on the wrong day. I don't know whether there are too many people signed-on, of if my computer is having problems, or what, but I'm having trouble watching any videos on there. They all want to stop and start. I did manage to suffer through the electronic glitches long enough to watch a few that were pretty good though. I liked the "Gorilla Librarian" and the "Ninja Librarian". Pretty funny. And then I tried to watch, no surprise here, one about "Exercise in the Library", but it wouldn't come up at all. Too bad. It was really highly rated. Maybe I'll try again another day. It did lead me to look up Jazzercise on there though and I managed to find one that I wanted to post on here. So I did, see above.

I like YouTube for not only the obvious entertainment value, but that it can so easily be used as a tool for instruction. I learn best by visual instruction, rather than simply reading it (as in a manual), so personally I find this tool to be extremely valuable. And as we've seen SIL has already utilized it a bit during our Web 2.0 experience. Well done.

As for the other 2, Hulu and Fancast, I'm going to have to wait until another day, hopefully soon, to deal with learning about those, as I've spent more than enough time on just YouTube today. To be continued...

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